The Best Advent Calendars 2021

Move over chocolate, for 2021, we are mixing things up. For many of us, Christmas is all about chocolate. We fight over the best Quality Streets and hoard Lindt truffles from our loved ones,  but let’s face it, a chocolate advent calendar can be tiring – that is why 2021 is all about the different types of advent calendars. 

If you are sick of chocolate advent calendars and fancy switching things up this year, then you are in luck. We have created a list of the best advent calendars for 2021, ranging from alcohol, beauty, and so much more. 


The Lego advent calendar is a fantastic gift for your little ones this Christmas. Not only does it provide them with a new toy to play with every single day (keeping them entertained), but it provides an alternative to chocolate. Let’s face it, kids are super energetic during the run-up to Christmas, so less chocolate can only be a good thing, right?

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If you love all things beauty, you will adore the Feel Unique advent calendar. For 2021, Feel Unique went above and beyond to provide beauty lovers with the best advent calendar possible. Every calendar is filled with products worth £385, and the products range from skincare, make-up, to beauty. 

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Craft Gin Club

The Craft Gin Club advent calendar, presented by Phillip Schofield,  is a treat for gin lovers. Every door has a unique gin bottle waiting for you to enjoy. Plus, you can experience all 25 gins with exclusive access to videos presented by Phil himself. What a treat? Make sure you act fast, as they are bound to sell out quickly.

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Calling all beauty lovers, the Glossybox advent calendar is here. Whether you are a Glossybox monthly beauty box lover or you are simply searching for something different, the Glossybox advent calendar is truly incredible. Each door has the latest and greatest beauty products, allowing you to expand your collections and explore new brands/products.

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The Body Shop

If you are looking for an amazing beauty-themed advent calendar, then why not treat yourself to The Body Shop’s 2021 advent calendar? The calendar is filled with the best products from The Body Shop. Plus, the calendars come in different sizes, so you can choose the right size for you.

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Pukka Organic Christmas calendar

Does anyone fancy a brew? The Pukka Days of Christmas advent calendar is perfect for tea lovers. With a wide collection of combinations, each day has a mix of Pukka favourites, like Blackcurrant, Lemongrass, English Breakfast, and much more.

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So that is our list of the best event calendars for 2021. Will you be enjoying a chocolate calendar or trying something new this year? We’d love to know. Make sure you leave a comment and let us know what advent calendar you’ll be getting for 2021.

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