Caprilicious Jewellery - 15% Carers discount

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Caprilicious Jewellery - 15% Carers discount


  • Artisanal, Unique Statement Jewellery for the Extrovert Woman
  • Colourful, Bold, Beautiful - suitable for Special Occasions and Daily Wear
  • 15% Discount for Key Workers off everything!
  • Caprilicious Jewellery is a contemporary statement jewellery and lifestyle brand created in 2011. We present unique fashion jewellery for special women who are not afraid to express their personality, with accessories which allow you to show your distinctiveness and diversity.

    Caprilicious creates affordable jewellery with an emphasis on globally sourced elements and the innate beauty of their sensational and often rare materials. Featuring organic shapes, our interest in the unconventional and avant-garde led to the birth of the company.
    Opulent, visible colours, distinctive textures, including: bone, coral, fossils, shells, crystals, seeds, and semi-precious stones. Creating striking style define and a visually attractive modern aesthetic which creates a dramatic balance between art and nature, as well as the juxtaposition of new and ancient, refinement and rawness, and organic and geometric.

    You can pick up a showy necklace from Caprilicious Jewellery to wear everyday with many different outfits, or a statement piece that you can wear to special events - either way, they are both wearable works of art.

    Layaway plans available, if required - please message us. We will wrap and send out your gifts for you - a complimentary service provided by Caprilicious.
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