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  • The best gluten and wheat free pies, pasties, sausage rolls, quiche and cakes
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  • SALSA Accredited
  • Baked to Taste, a leading and SALSA accredited wheat-free bakery, is your ultimate destination for a wide array of mouthwatering gluten-free baked goods that taste just as good as ‘gluten-full’ Our commitment to using the finest gluten-free ingredients, traditional recipes, and expert craftsmanship ensures that every bite is a flavour-packed experience. Our ethos is simply summed up in our motto Tasty, Remarkable, Trusted
    Tasty – Baked to Taste is part of the Chunk of Devon group of companies. With nearly 20 years of conjuring up ‘gluten-full products’ and over 270 awards, it is safe to say that Chunk know a thing or two about all things ‘Tasty’. Baked to Taste is rapidly following suit and our awards wall is filling up with over 20 in just 2 short years! Remarkable – So many people judge gluten free on name alone and assume it will be an inferior product. We strive for products that are Remarkable and indistinguishable from gluten-full. Trusted – How ‘gluten-free’ is gluten-free? It seems like a silly question, but many gluten-free bakes are, in fact, made in the same facility as their gluten full cousins. Baked to Taste is different… our bakery is SALSA accredited and audited to ensure our facility is completely free of gluten and wheat contaminants. How? Gluten and wheat free is all we do!
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