Saw Escape Room Experience - 25% Carers discount

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Saw Escape Room Experience - 25% Carers discount


  • SAW Escape Experience London is an adrenaline-fuelled theatrical experience bringing to life Jigsaw fearsome traps and challenges. Located in the heart of London, unsuspecting players will be pushed to their limits to take on a series of terrifying challenges and escape rooms, culminating in one final battle to escape alive.
  • In a quest to survive, players will need to outwit John Kramer (AKA the infamous Master of Games) haunting SAW villain, Billy the Puppet, who will put morality, wits and courage to the ultimate test. Contenders brave enough to seek out SAW Escape Experience London will discover their worst nightmares and fears, as Jigsaw ensnares a new generation of players attempting to earn their redemption.
  • In addition to the main escape room event, survivors of Jigsaw twisted trials can unwind from the horrors in The Traproom, a themed bar inspired by Jigsaw workshop. Featuring the SAW franchise most infamous and fearsome traps, survivors can grab a cocktail and capture a photo to remember the nightmarish experience forever.
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