The Care Workers Charity

We're excited to partner with The Care Workers' Charity to help ensure no care worker in the UK faces hardship alone. Understanding the challenges of long shifts and self-care in the caring profession, especially during tough times, we aim to ease these burdens by backing the vital work of The Care Workers' Charity.

Highlights of our Partnership

Here at Discounts for Carers, we proudly support The Care Worker's Charity through fundraising activities, including the Peak District Challenge in September, office bake sales, and coffee mornings. We aim to raise as much money as possible to aid care workers in the UK. 

Check out all the upcoming events, from Treks to Writing Competitions, hosted by The Care Workers Charity to see how you can actively participate and support their mission!


Upcoming Events


Founded in 2009, the Care Worker's Charity (CWC) provides crisis grants to support the welfare of care workers, enhancing their professional, financial, and mental well-being. In 2020, it raised £3.2 million to further its mission. 

The Care Workers' Charity aids the UK's 2 million care workers, essential in supporting the vulnerable with minimal acknowledgement. They grapple with unstable hours, limited resources, and financial instability amid recruitment and retention difficulties. 

There are several ways in which The Care Workers' Charity aims to support caregivers and provide them with quick and easy assistance. These include:  

Crisis Grants  

Through our partnership, we're supporting The Care Workers' Charity by offering one-time payments for carers facing unexpected life events, covering expenses like travel, moving, funerals, and home repairs. In 2020, we provided over £200k in Crisis Grants to help more than 3,000 care workers in need. 

Covid-19 Emergency Fund 

The Covid-19 pandemic significantly impacted the care sector, which was already facing challenges. In 2020, care workers were among the hardest hit, dealing with severe staff shortages and a lack of protective equipment.  

Many suffered financially due to self-isolation, childcare responsibilities, bereavement, and illness. To address this, the Care Workers' Charity launched the Covid-19 Emergency Fund in March 2020, offering thousands of affected care workers essential financial aid. 

Mental Health Support 

The CWC is dedicated to holistic care, highlighted by its Mental Health Support Programme. This initiative provides care workers with free access to qualified therapists and a variety of mental health services, highlighting the CWC's commitment to their well-being beyond financial assistance. 

To qualify for support from the Care Workers' Charity, you must meet the following criteria: 

  • Worked in the UK's social care sector (e.g., private, day, supported living, residential, or home care) for at least one year recently or five years in total. 
  • Faced a significant financial impact due to recent life changes (like loss of income, domestic issues, or bereavement). 
  • Have less than £3,000 in savings (£6,000 for couples). 
  • Not received a grant from the Charity in the past year. 

The Care Workers Charity relies on donations to support care workers in need. Your contribution, whether through volunteering, fundraising, or other means, is vital to their mission of preventing care worker hardship. 

Fun Fundraising Ideas: 

  •  Marathon running 
  • Hosting a cake sale 
  • Organizing a fancy dress day at work 
  • Collecting spare change 
  • Organizing a scavenger hunt 
  • Conducting a raffle