5 Spook-tacular Children’s Halloween Party Games

Kids’ parties took a break for a few years thanks to covid-19, but in 2022, Halloween parties are back in full force, and if you struggling to come up with game ideas, then keep reading…

Before you know it, Halloween will be here, and if you plan on throwing a party, then you’ll most likely need a few activities that will keep the kids entertained. Here’s our top 5 spook-tacular Halloween party games!

1) Pass the Pumpkin

You can use a plastic pumpkin or a real one for this game and fill it with sweets. Get the children to sit in a circle and pass the pumpkin until the music stops.

Whoever has hold of it when the music stops is out, and they get to take a sweet as a consolation prize. They can still join in the game by making spooky noises while the music is playing.

The winner is the last person left in the game, just make sure they share all of the sweets at the end!

2) Guess the Ghost

One child leaves the room while another one becomes the ghost, hiding under a big white sheet. The child then enters the room and has to guess who is the ghost. Once the ghost has been revealed they then take the turn of the guesser.

3) Pin the Wart on the Witch

Print out a big picture of a witch and enough warts for everyone who is playing. Put a blindfold on them and spin the child round a few times, before they have to pin the wart to her face. The nearest one to the original image wins.

4) Broomsweep Relay Race

Set up an obstacle course with chairs, get them into teams and give them a witch’s broom each. They then have to push an orange balloon around the course as quickly as they can, before the next team member goes.

Be as creative as you can to make the course spooky: stick signs or pictures on the chairs, use toilet roll to create the route, and use a bedsheet across two chairs to create a spooky canyon – you get the idea.

5) Apple Bobbing

The classic Halloween party game that’s still great fun. Just make sure that you have some towels on hand because if they want to win, they are going to get wet – it’s a classic for a reason.

Happy Spooky Season. We hope you have a bewitching time…

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