Finding The Right Care

When looking at the care options available to you, it can feel a little overwhelming trying to ensure which offers the best quality care and the truth is, it depends on the needs of the person requiring care. Reasons why you may now be looking for care can include something as simple as being less able to cope at home, or more serious health issues or even care triggered by hospitalisation.

Permanent vs Temporary Care

This reverts back to the needs of those who need caring for. Those who have just left hospital and need some help getting independent again may opt for temporary care. Whereas those with deteriorating conditions may find permanent care the more suitable option, particularly with the 24/7 care options available, especially at a care home.

Residential vs Home Care

For many, having the choice of where to be cared for often ends up with them being cared for at home where they feel most comfortable, however there are some circumstances which mean home care is not an option, and residential care is opted for in its place. Residential care is able to offer 24/7 care without the stress that may come having to care at home. You can read more about the option of residential care on the NHS and more here.

Did You Know?

  • 1.4 million people provide over 50 hours of unpaid care per week.
  • 1.2 million carers are in poverty in the UK.
  • take on a caring responsibility equaling over 2 million people each year.
  • Over 1 million people care for more than one person.

Care Costs

Funding the cost of care can be difficult but there are schemes in place to help assist, particularly those on lower incomes. Speak to your local council to see what funding may be available depending on your situation. You can for the future by setting aside savings but when care is required immediately in the here and now, it can come as a surprise when need to fund the care.  For more information and help on applying for care benefits, visit Carers UK.

Facilities & Room

If you have opted for residential care, ensuring the space they are cared for  is appropriate is important. It must be able to provide the care that’s required, but also be comfortable and relaxing and almost a home from home. For some, en-suite bathrooms are important, they grant independence and reduce the need for assistance as often, whilst more trivial material items such as televisions, phones and even a kitchenette help make the space more comfortable and more like home.
If you are currently looking for carers in your local area, or looking for advice and support on the best course of action to take, Elder Care are available to talk and can help find the right carer to suit your needs.

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