Looking After Your Garden At Home

Celebrate National Gardening Week by making the most of the time in your garden. No matter how big or small your space may be, you can still get involved. From green fingered beginners to seasoned pros, gardening might just be what we all need right now.

It can be a place of escape and a place to relax, your garden is unique to you. It’s possibilities can be limitless, from your own mini garden centre, to a thriving vegetable patch, there’s so much you can do with a garden.

Indoor Gardens

They’re becoming more and more popular and with an increasing amount of time being spent inside, now is the perfect time to bring some of the outside in. From small house plants to growing your own herbs on the window sill, a garden doesn’t have to end outside.

Try starting with plants that don’t require as much sunlight. Being inside, it’s harder for the sun to get through so opting for plants such as cacti, spider plants, devil’s ivy and more are perfect indoor plants, especially for beginners.

Gardening Essentials

From pots and plants to garden furniture to make your piece of land a comfortable and stylish escape, you’ll be needing some essentials to make your garden exactly how you want. Save on gardening essentials with B&Q and check out furniture, accessories and more.

You might not be able to visit garden shows, but you can show off your own garden and get involved in #NationalGardeningWeek by sharing your own pictures and creativity on social media. Join in, go green and make the most of the outside.

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