Summer Activities for Kids

When school is out, the struggle to keep the kids entertained during the summer months can be a challenge. While the kids may be celebrating their freedom, you are questioning how you can keep them entertained until they go back to school.  To help you out, we have come up with a list of summer activities for kids and ideas to keep your little ones entertained this summer.

Lean into your kid’s interests

When your child has a particular interest or hobby, why not create time and help them explore their passions. Are they a writer? Do they like sports? Perhaps they enjoy arts and crafts? Whatever they are interested in, taking time to share an interest and help them explore their passion can mean the world to them.

Explore Your Hometown 

Sometimes, we forget that our hometowns offer a wide variety of entertainment on our very doorstep. Why not spend a day doing all of the “touristy” stuff? Visit the top attractions in your city/town and take some cheesy tourist pictures with your family. Alongside tourist attractions, you can visit local museums for an adventure.  

Get Outside

Sometimes, getting your kids to put the PlayStation controller down can be a gigantic task, so why not make the outdoors exciting? From a camping excursion or a trip to the beach, planning cheap and cheerful days out are great summer activities for kids. Plus, they are a great way to create memories and keep the kids entertained. A little bit of sunshine, clean air and exercise can go a long way.

Cooking & Baking

Setting time aside each week to cook and bake with your kids is a great pastime during the summer holidays. Let them choose from a selection of recipes you have/enjoy using and have them get involved. Whether they read the recipe book, prepare the ingredients, or roll out the dough, they will love to get involved.

Book a day trip

Are you still searching for summer activities for kids? Why not book a day out at an incredible attraction to keep the entire family entertained.  We have a handful of deals and discounts on some of the best UK days out that are guaranteed to keep the kids entertained (without breaking the bank). 

summer activities for kids

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