Discounts for Carers: Who Can use our Carers Discount codes?

Discounts For Carers is a benefit provider for carers and those that work in the Care sector, helping you and your families save. From holidays to car insurance, mobile phones to fashion, we offer exclusive deals on popular brands.

We have listed a handful of roles below of people who can sign up and become a member. Anyone within the Care Sector can sign up for FREE to Discounts for Carers. We support care workers by offering discounts at top brands, helping you save money where possible. You can even sign up for our discount for carers card and earn cashback when shopping at the stores you know and love.

Unpaid Carers

A carer is an individual who cares for someone, either professionally or as an unpaid carer, facing illness, disability, and mental health problems that cannot cope without additional support.

Carers are unsung heroes that do not get enough credit for their hard work and dedication – and that includes BOTH Paid and Unpaid Carers. Whether you look after a partner, a relative, or a friend with an illness or disability, unpaid care is selfless and changes lives, and here at Discounts for Carers, we are proud of to support Unpaid Care.

As an Unpaid Carer, you can sign up to become a member for FREE and access our incredible deals and discounts.

Paid Carers

Within the paid Care Sector, there are lots of roles, and all are welcome to sign up and use our Carers Discounts. Here are just a few roles within the sector:

– Care assistant
– Carer
– Care worker
– Domiciliary carer
– Personal assistant
– Volunteers
– Housing support officers
– Social care prescribers
– Employment Advisors
– Welfare rights officer
– Administration roles, such as Finance, HR & Marketing

– Anyone working within the care sector or who looks after someone.

Thousands of roles all contribute to making the Care sector what it is, and all of them are available to sign up and become a member for FREE. Whether you are looking for a Love Honey carers discount, Argos discount for carers, or Haven Carers discount, we have discounts across popular categories for all Care sector workers.

New-In Discounts
Are you searching for new Carer discounts? We continually work with new brands across various categories, such as travel, fashion, finance, and much more.
Carers Discount List
Are you searching for a specific discount? Why not take a look at our A-Z Carers Discount list that is updated monthly? Check out the list today.
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