Support for Carers – Could You Be Entitled to Help with Your Energy Bills?

In recent years, the UK has experienced a significant rise in energy prices, putting extra strain on household budgets across the country. This cost surge has been particularly challenging for carers, who often face additional financial burdens while supporting their loved ones. If you’re a carer feeling the pinch of rising energy bills, there is some good news – you might be entitled to extra help.


The Rising Cost of Energy

Energy prices in the UK have soared due to various factors, including global market fluctuations and increased demand. According to Ofgem, the average household energy bill has doubled in the past decade. This increase has left many struggling to manage their finances, especially during colder months when heating costs skyrocket. These hikes can be particularly overwhelming for carers, who often spend more time at home and may need to maintain a warmer environment for those they care for.

Government Support for Carers

Recognising the unique challenges faced by carers, the UK government has recently updated its support measures to help alleviate some of the financial pressures. The new initiatives include extra funds specifically aimed at assisting carers with their energy bills. If you are a carer, you may be eligible for these funds, which are designed to ensure you can keep your home comfortable without compromising on other essentials.

While the cost of energy has improved slightly as the energy price cap fell from the start of April, average bills for a dual-fuel household are still at a considerable £1,690 a year. Therefore, carers have been urged to check if they are missing out on any benefits that could offer them additional support.

While Carer’s Allowance is available to provide a measure of financial support to those not able to work full time due to their caring responsibilities, additionally, carers on low incomes can claim income-relate benefits, such as Pension Credit and Universal Credit.  The current rate of Carer’s Allowance is £81.90 a week.

It has also been stated by energy minister Amanda Solloway that carers may be able to claim Warm Home Discount, a one-off £150 discount on electricity bills available to certain low-income households. This benefit is available through certain suppliers signed up to the scheme, with the discount deducted from a person’s bills rather than going out as a payment.

For more information, check out our ‘What Benefits Carers are Entitled To blog.

Check Your Eligibility

To find out if you’re entitled to this additional support, visit the government’s eligibility calculator or get in touch with a local benefits adviser.

How to Save Money On Your Household Bills

In addition to benefits and government support, there are other ways to ease the financial burden of household bills.

Our discount scheme offers significant savings on various services, including home insurance and car insurance. By taking advantage of these discounts, you can further reduce your monthly expenses, leaving more room in your budget to manage rising energy costs.

Our Discounts for Carers Compare service allows carers to access Quotezone comparison service and easily compare car insurance, home insurance, and pet insurance from leading providers to get exclusive deals. You can use the Quotezone Insurance Comparison tool to compare deals based on your requirements, and you could save up to £504 on your car insurance alone. Try the tool for free with no obligation to buy it and see what you think.

Rising energy costs are a significant challenge, but you can manage your expenses more effectively with the right support. If you’re a carer, take the time to explore the government assistance available to you and consider how our discount scheme can help you save even more.

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