The Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Struggling for ideas for your Secret Santa giftee? You’ve come to the right place.

While finding work Secret Santa presents sounds like a nice idea in principle, if you get the name of a colleague you don’t know very well, then the panic can start to set in. But don’t panic! With our help, you can find the most popular Secret Santa gifts, whether you get your work bestie or that guy from finance, you’ve only spoken to once.

Keep reading for our Secret Santa ideas at work, including how to play and find work Secret Santa presents that are on a budget but make it look like you’ve tried!


How to Play Secret Santa

Secret Santa is the perfect (and affordable) way to celebrate Christmas at work without having to buy each individual colleague a gift of their own. The aim of Secret Santa is to draw names at random and to buy that person a gift without letting them know that it is you. Plus it is a whole lot cheaper than buying for everyone!

Before you draw names, Secret Santas can be given a wish list of gift ideas to help them choose a gift their giftee would love. But if no wish list has been provided, then it is up to you to find the perfect Secret Santa gift for them.

Do some of your team work remotely? You don’t have to be in the office to draw names physically; you can use online Secret Santa generators to pick names randomly and email participants whose colleagues they’ve got.

Secret Santa Gifts for Her

Price: £9.99

Add a bit of festive cheer to your colleague’s daily brew with this fun colour-changing mug. Simply add some hot water to the mug and watch the black nose turn red. It also features mini antlers and a happy face to bring a little festive magic to the workplace. What more could you ask for from a Secret Santa gift?

Secret Santa Gifts for Him

Comedy Beers

Price: £14

This set of three comedy beers is a great gift for a funny beer lover and you can choose from stouts, IPAs and ales. Each of the beers you can choose from has a funny pun or joke on them, from ‘Hair of the dog’ to ‘Cranky sod’. Who doesn’t love a beer at Christmas?

Gossip Coordinator Mug

Price: £7.99

Is there someone on your team who is the designated gossip coordinator? Then this is the mug for them! All nurses need a tea break every now and then to get them through their busy and hectic shifts. This unique design is only available at IWOOT and oozes character – plus, it is sure to get a laugh in the office.

5 Most Popular Secret Santa Gifts Under £10

Secret Santa gifts don’t have to break the bank. You can keep it affordable by setting a budget in advance so everyone involved spends the same amount of money. With that in mind, here are some popular Secret Santa gifts for £10 or less.

1. I Love Spreadsheets Mug

Price: £5.99

If you’re looking for a present for a work colleague on the data or finance team, this ‘I Love Spreadsheets’ mug is the perfect choice. This is the perfect chance for them to be loud and proud about their love for spreadsheets and is sure to get a laugh every time they go for a coffee break.

2. Thornton’s Classic Seasonal Collection

Price: £10

Christmas is the perfect time to get cosy, watch festive films, and tuck into a box of chocolates. Thorntons chocolate is always popular, and a box of classic favourites makes for the perfect Secret Santa gift!

3. Hugs & Kisses Almond Milk Hand & Lip Duo

Price: £10

The Body Shop always makes for a great Secret Santa gift and this Hugs & Kisses Almond Milk Hand gift set is the perfect way to keep your giftee’s skin soft and hydrated during the winter season.  This gift comes in festive cracker packaging and features a lip balm and hand cream. This is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans!

4. Pink Gin Gift Set

Price: £10

This special Gin Pink Collection Gift Set will fit the occasion for your office’s Secret Santa. This collection of premium gins includes Whitley Neil’s Rhubarb & Ginger Gin, Edinburgh Plum & Vanilla Gin, Greenall’s Wild Berry Pink Gin and Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin. Your giftee can simply mix with tonic or lemonade and they’ve got the perfect festive tipple.

5. Hamish the Highland Cow Slippers

Price: £8

These Hamish the Highland Cow Slippers are the Secret Santa gift you didn’t know you needed to buy. Not only are they the perfect way to keep your giftee’s feet warm and cosy during the winter but they also look so good that they’ll never want to take them off!

5 Most Popular Secret Santa Gifts Under £5

1. Ring for Wine Desk Bell

Price: £4.99

A desk bell is a cheap but fun Secret Santa gift that all giftees will love. But this ‘ring for wine’ is a guaranteed way to get some laughs in the office. This ideal stocking filler is great for connoisseurs of wine and features an authentic loud ‘ding’ sound. This will sure come in handy on a Friday afternoon!

2. Simple Kind to Skin Care Treats

Price: £5

Skincare always makes for a perfect Secret Santa gift, whoever the recipient. Both men and women can take pride in their appearance and give their skin the TLC it needs. Packaged in a festive cracker-shaped box, this skincare combo is a Christmas gift must-have. This set features a 150ml facial wash and a jade face roller to improve circulation.

3. Cocktail Bath Melts

Price: £5

Once the hustle and bustle of Christmas day is over, the festive break is the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind while you have some time off work. So, get your Secret Santa giftee this lovely collection of cocktail-inspired bath melts. The scents include Mango Mojito, Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada.

4. Winter Spice Tealights

Price: £3

Is there any better feeling than having a cosy night in during the winter with some festive scented candles? No, of course not! So why not give your Secret Santa giftee these winter spice tealights with bursting scents of ginger, orange and festive spice. They’re under £5 and are available in coordinating candle and diffuser too!

5. Chocolate Christmas Table Cracker

Price: £5

Start Christmas off with a bang with these chocolate Christmas crackers from Hotel Chocolat. Each one includes three chocolates, a joke, and a hat. The chocolates included are the Milk Reindeer, White Spruce, and Jolly Caramel Penguin.

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