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Mental Health Support for Carers: Care for Yourself

Caring for someone else’s mental and physical well-being is a huge responsibility, and sometimes, finding time for yourself can seem like a challenge. Though it’s easier said than done, setting aside time in your day to relax and have “me time” is an essential form of mental health support for caregivers.


Naturally, you aren’t going to inherit perfect time management or master the art of self-care after reading this blog. Instead, you will hopefully walk away with some mental health support for caregivers, such as tips and tricks that could help kick-start your journey to a healthier and happier you.

Mental Health Support for Carers – Our Top Tips

Discover Online Communities

Join forums like Mind’s Side by Side or Carers UK to connect with those in similar situations. Search support groups in your area.

Join Peer Support Groups

Use tools like Rethink to find face-to-face or virtual support groups for caregivers of individuals with mental health issues. On the Carers Trust website, you can use their local service finder to search with your postcode.

Utilise Local Support Services

Use the Carers Trust’s website to find nearby support services with their postcode-based local service finder. Family Lives local services also offer support for family caregivers.

Practical help and support for carers

  • Social Care Support: Discover assistance via social services for both you and your care recipient based on a carer’s assessment. Learn more about your rights and assessment details on the Carers UK website, covering adult and young carers.
  • Financial Aid: Explore potential financial help, like the carer’s allowance and Universal Credit. The individual under your care might qualify for certain benefits, too. Navigate the complexities of benefit applications with guidance and a benefits calculator from Turn2us and additional support from Citizens Advice.
  • Break Time (Respite Care): You can gain entitlements for breaks via respite care incorporated in your carer’s assessment, and some charities offer holiday options for respite care.
  • Workplace Support: For those juggling employment with caregiving, explore flexible working options after 26 weeks with the same employer. This could mean part-time, altered schedules, or job sharing. Also, understand your right to emergency leave, with Carers UK providing in-depth rights information.

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